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Download Opera Mini Apk – The best web browser of the best Android APK

Download Opera Mini Apk

Opera Mini Web Browser for Android lets you do whatever you want on the Internet without wasting your data plan. It is a fast and secure mobile web browser that saves you a lot of data and allows you to easily download from social networks and websites. New features

Automatically delete websites for downloading movies and music – in extreme mode, easily download video and audio files without searching the website. When Opera Mini is in Extreme mode, it will scan the site and notify you of the files available for download, depending on your location.

Facebook Notification Bar: Never miss a hit with Facebook Notification Bar. The new bar has been added to the notification drawer and will notify you of the latest news and activity on your profile.

Why Choose Opera Mini?

  • Your Track Your Data – Check your savings in the Settings menu and see how much data Opera Mini has for you.
  • Ad Blocking: Opera Mini has built-in ad blocking tools, so you can browse the web without annoying ads.
  • Video Downloader: A browser that supports video downloads. Don’t have time to watch the video? No problem. Click the New Download button and see when you’re ready. (Doesn’t work on YouTube videos, sorry!)
  • Multitasking: Keep multiple pages open with tabs at once.
  • Private Browse privately: We all have pages we don’t want to miss. If you do not want to save anything in your history, you can browse the camouflage using special tabs.
  • Smart Downloads: Download files in the background and wait for large file downloads until you use Wi-Fi again. Opera Mini will notify you when your downloads are finished. Just click on the notification to open the download Apk and you no longer have to look for the folder.

Opera Mini Apk Features 2020

Sync your device

Opera Mini helps you sync your device just like a computer. This is a great update for anyone who uses both

Avoid annoying ads

Peer Mini has its own built-in ad blocker to block all unwanted and annoying ads and give you more relaxation at work.

Work Fast Opera Mini is a lightweight app that runs very fast and saves a lot of time and data. You can open multiple webpages at once with a weak internet connection.

Search and download

You can search for whatever you want and download in a few seconds. The app lets you download video, audio or more.

Save location

The application lets you add your favorite website to your home screen by clicking the + button on the screen bar. It is also easy to read an offline page.

Download Opera Mini Apk

Update the news

Opera Mini has organized original stories on the first page to help you take advantage of the news of your choice and read it.

Get a notification

You can download large files in different sessions. You can stop offline and continue online. After the download is complete, you will receive a notification. Now click on the notification and see your download.

Private browsing

The app provides special tabs (a camouflage tab) and lets you search more securely and save your search to others.

Ease of movement

Opera Mini provides very simple browsing with various tabs.

Night mode

The app also provides night mode to keep your eyes open at night.

Download Opera Mini Apk

Main Features For Opera Mini

  • A great browser for Android
  • Sync your devices
  • Avoid annoying ads.
  • Navigate easily
  • Using night mode
  • Browse in person
  • Get news updates
  • Search and download very fast
  • Free use and free
  • It provides night mode to save your vision

8 Basic Tips and Strategies for Opera Mobile Browser

Download Opera Mini Apk
  1. Save data

The option to save data is to enable it in the data saving settings. Once you click this option, it will take you to the dashboard area where you can view and configure the amount of data that Opera can hold. You can manually configure the value of the images you want to download.

  1. Offline page

With this feature, you can save links for later. You can download any webpage by simply clicking the page offline. This is the best way to keep your default pages for the future.

  1. Subjects

Opera offers three features: Dark Mode, White Mode and Red Accent Mode. You can select any one of the three and apply the theme to Opera from the Appearance page in Settings.

  1. Open tabs in the background

This is another great option for Opera users. Users can now open new tabs in the background with a simple setup. We know of many more applications that prevent users from opening external links without downgrading their current page.

5.My flow

If you use it on my computer, you can use the My Broadcast option. You do not need to create an account to use My Stream; This will be triggered by scanning the QR code from your phone.

6.Image. Image search shortcut

Opera provides quick shortcut options for their users who often use Google to search for images. If you like an image, just click on the thumbnail.

7.Google Translate

Opera has built-in Google Translate which is a great feature for users. All you have to do is choose the page you want to translate and it will translate into your preferred language.

8. News reader

A news reader is also available at Opera. Titles or stories of your choice appear on the home screen.

Other great stuff

  • Save your favorite sites: To save a page in Speed ​​Dial, add it to your mobile phone bookmarks, or press the search bar + button to read it offline.
  • Get the latest news – the home page puts everything in one place. Choose sections that interest you and Opera Mini that bring you the full story and latest content from the web
  • Your Sync your devices: Give yourself access to all bookmarks and quick shortcuts, and open tabs from your other devices.
  • Night mode: Fade the screen to save your eyes
  • Change search: Set your favorite default search engine.
  • Download the Opera Mini web browser and try one of the fastest ways to browse the web on your mobile device.
  • For more information on the specific permissions used by Opera Mini, see the following page:
  • Opera Mini may display Facebook ads. For more information, see
  • Do you have any questions or need help? See
  • Get the latest news about Opera:
  • Twitter –
  • Facebook –
  • End User Terms:
  • By downloading and / or using this product, you acknowledge and agree to the End User License Agreement and Opera / Privacy Statement at OperaSoftware.Uila / Mini.

Reason to choose Opera Browser Mini:

  • Track your data: Saved history appears in the configuration menu.
  • Multitasking – Open multiple tabs instantly. There are no suspended browsers.
  • Personal Browsing – The camouflage option lets you work in private mode. Don’t worry about keeping your data in history.
  • Quick and Resume Downloads: Receive a notification when the download is complete and continue downloading until you reconnect to the Internet.
  • Lock your favorite sites: Press the + button on the search bar to save a page to your instant contacts, add it to your mobile phone bookmarks, or read it offline.
  • Most Recent Interactions: The home page provides a news platform to review your interests and the latest news from around the world.
  • Choose sections that interest you and Opera Mini that bring you the full story and latest content from the web
  • Sync your devices: Allow all bookmarks, speed dial shortcuts, and open tabs from your other devices by logging in to your account.
  • Night mode: Fade the screen to save your eyes.
  • Change your search: Set your preferred default search engine.

Download Opera Mini now to enjoy fast browsing on your mobile phone.

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