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Apk Apps Lock

Applock is a lightweight application that lets you lock almost any type of file on an Android device. The main feature protects your apps so that no one can access or uninstall them, but you can block photos, videos, even contacts and individual messages.

The application works in a very simple way. First, you must create a digital password to unlock the app you want to secure. From that moment on, whenever the app opens, you need to enter your specific password. Even if another users tries to uninstallion it, this password windows will not allowing it.

The best thing about this app is that it can hide its code so that no one knows that it is installed on your device, although they will discover it if they ask you to enter their related password.

The app includes other great features:

  • Image Vault, which lets you keep some images virtually safe and you can just open them.
  • Automatic locks / unlock Apk based on time or location.
  • Set different profiles to lock different applications and random keyboards: Prevent others from spying on passwords.
  • Fake cover: You can put a cover like a fingerprint scanner or force a closed message to confuse the intruder in the banned apps.
  • Quick lock key in status bar, short exit, etc.

Applock is an interesting application. This allows you to add an extra security mesh to your device and never worry about giving it back to a friend.

Lock away your deepest, darkest secrets:

Security is a hot topic right now, the celebrity image intrusion scandal is the latest of many incidents. You may think your phone is secure because it already has a screen lock, but have you considered locking apps or individual settings? Applock can do just that.

Safe and secure

After opening the applock, you will be prompted for an instant number of passwords, 16 characters long. There are options to have a lock pattern in place.

You can block system applications (such as text messages and incoming calls) and third-party applications (for example, Facebook and WhatsApp). This also applies to locking your settings and preventing the application from being installed / uninstalled, although I’ve only been able to run it to uninstall it. However you can block access to Google Play which will prevent it.

If you want to add an extra layer of protection, you can create something called a casing. This is a fake screen that tells you that the app will stop or ask for a fingerprint ID. However, it is the same process to unlock both screens.

The Android tool is very useful because it allows you to enter your password or pattern and disable all blocking applications at once.

Applock not only locks your apps, it also allows you to keep your photos and videos in a password-protected “vault” to keep them out of sight.

Some features, such as hiding the applock icon, are only available in the Premier Edition. Also note that this is for blocking your applications and not on your screen or SIM card.

Very effective protection

The applock is easy to use and straightforward, one click from the corresponding app on the applock main screen to lock / unlock.

The “ cover ” screen that let you know the application stopped working was so efficient that it tricked me.

Exceeding two levels of security may seem extra every time you access commonly used apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook; The password may be better if screen lock is enabled. However, Applock is very effective for online banking or taking notes as it stores confidential information.

When you forget your password, Apple will send you a code to your email address. But it didn’t help me and I never received an email, which is a big problem because you can’t uninstall the app without entering your password.

Maintain privacy in your personal life

Applock is a great option if you want to add extra protection to your phone. While it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for the screen lock, it’s a great option for protecting confidential information in apps or preventing your friends from accessing or posting silly comments on Facebook while pretending to be your friends.

This app is efficient and reliable and it gives you peace of mind that everything you do on your phone is private.

With Apploker:
Never worry if your friends borrow your phone to use mobile data again!
Don’t worry if a friend shows his phone in the gallery again!
Don’t worry if a friend reads a private message on your phone!
Never worry when parents check out your social media apps!
Never worry about changing your kids’ settings, sending random messages and paying with credit cards again!

Maintain your privacy by blocking social media, galleries, or any application you like.

Password Lock applications with passwords, patterns or fingerprint locks.
Many features with many color options
Lock system settings to prevent unwanted changes by kids.
Apps Avoid uninstalling apps.

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